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Learn About Generator Transfer Switch

What Is a Generator Transfer Switch?

Purchasing a generator for your home or business is an excellent idea. You never know when the next power outage will be, and a generator can help you and your family stay plugged in no matter what. Before you purchase a generator near Annapolis, consider learning about this appliance’s basic components – including the transfer switch.

Simply put, the transfer switch is the device that connects your generator to your home wiring. The transfer switch is typically installed right next to the electrical panel, making it as easy as possible to switch to generator power during a power outage. When the lights go out, simply turn on your generator, activate the transfer switch, and you can use electricity in your home as normal. To save on energy, you can manually switch some circuits on and others off – that way, you don’t end up wasting precious power by sending it to unoccupied rooms. For more information on transfer switches and other generator components, contact Weisman Electric today!

Why Is It Important?

While it’s possible to run electrical devices using a portable generator without a generator transfer switch, it’s safer and far more convenient to install one. When you operate without the switch, you have to connect each individual electrical device you want to use with an extension cord. This gets messy and confusing fast. It also requires you to leave your windows open as you run extension cords all over your house – not to mention dangerous. Homeowners who install transfer switches are at significantly less risk for accidents. The transfer switch automatically turns off as well, stopping the power from going back down the line to the generator and avoiding damage to the generator and appliances connected. It’s always better to plan ahead and stay safe when it comes to electricity in your home.

How to Choose the Right Transfer Switch

Making sure you get the right type of transfer switch for your home and generator is just as important as selecting the generator itself. There are single-circuit, dual-circuit, and multi-circuit options, and different generators require a different type of circuit. Fortunately, the team at Weisman Electric has years of experience helping customers find the right generators and transfer switches for their homes. We can then install your transfer switch inside or outside your home, depending on your needs and home layout. We’ll discuss your situation, find a solution, and install your generator backup system for you anywhere in Annapolis!

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For over 40 years, the team at Weisman Electric has been helping our community make the most of their homes. We install, repair, and maintain all types of electrical systems for residential and commercial clients throughout Annapolis, MD. Every member of our team is licensed, insured, and guaranteed to provide you with satisfactory work for your home or commercial property. A generator transfer switch is not only convenient – it’s a necessary component of keeping your family safe and secure through power outages. Get the most out of your whole home generator backup system by working with Weisman Electric.