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Generator Installation Services

Installing Reliable Generators in Annapolis, MD

As with all machinery, especially generators, proper installation is key. A poorly installed generator will be more likely to malfunction or fail entirely. A gamble not worth taking when you are looking to provide comfort, safety and function for your family and business if power is lost due to a storm or electrical issue. Weisman Electric Company specializes in the installation of both residential and commercial generators in Annapolis, MD and surrounding areas. You can rest assured that our top priority is ensuring the correct installation of your generator, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

Benefits of a Working Generator Installation

Benefits of a Working Generator Installation

No matter what type of industry you work in, electricity is needed to keep your doors open and your business operating. When you hire a quality generator installation service, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to stay up and running even in the event of a power outage. Without a working generator or a proper installation, you could find yourself closing for days at a time, a situation no business wants or can afford to be in. Protecting your investments, maintaining security for your employees and customers, and avoiding lost revenue are only a few of the potential benefits you will gain by investing in a generator for your business.

Enjoy Convenience at Home

Restoring power using an installed generator in your home is not only a matter of convenience and comfort but necessity and safety as well. Portable generators can be at most a fair option in a bind, but they lack the capacity to keep the majority of your home operating during a power outage. Installing a residential generator will deliver sufficient power quickly and automatically in the event of a blackout, getting your lights back on, keeping your food fresh in a cold refrigerator, your HVAC systems functioning, and any other important items you want working in your home in a time of need. They also protect your home from dangerous fluctuations in voltage and surges once power fully returns. Weisman Electric Company will help guide you in the right direction when choosing which generator is the right fit for your home based on its size and what you want and need to keep powered in the event of an emergency – providing true peace of mind that you will be prepared for the unexpected.

Power Medical Equipment

Residential electricity is more important in some cases than in others. If you rely on home medical equipment like respirators in order to deal with a medical condition, you’ll need to make sure your home generator is ready to get your electricity back up and running. This can be a life or death situation, so proper residential generator installation is crucial.

Maintaining Your Generator’s Performance

Should your generator system malfunction during a routine test run or worse, during a time of need, Weisman Electric Company is accessible and ready to service and troubleshoot your system. Simply call our office, a technician will be scheduled to inspect your generator, diagnose the issue at hand and service your system so it is back to full power and working condition. We also offer preventative maintenance contracts. Preventative maintenance is a routine tune-up on your generator to maximize reliability, minimize future repairs and reduce any potential long-term costs. For peace of mind, we recommend all generator owners sign up for this benefit with Weisman Electric Company. Our preventative maintenance contracts offer this service on an annual or bi-annual basis depending on your preference and needs. Contact us today to learn more generator service maintenance & more.

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