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Dependable Generator Services in Annapolis, MD


At Weisman Electric, we offer residential and commercial generator installation services for home and business owners throughout Annapolis, MD, and the surrounding communities. As the area’s electrical services leader, you can always trust our team to install your generator correctly the first time. When the power goes out due to a storm, it can create several problems in your home; food goes bad, your sump pump stops working, and lights go out, creating a dangerous situation. When you choose our team, we can install a generator to ensure your home and family’s safety. Learn more about our generator installation services and why a generator is the best way to protect your property during a power outage.

Generators offer peace of mind and comfort during a power outage. For residential customers, they provide your family with safety and security while providing auxiliary power for your most important electrical appliances such as your refrigerator and home’s sump pump. Depending on the model, you may be able to run some portion of your home’s electricity, including TV, lights, and internet. As a business owner, a generator is a must. If the power goes out with customers inside your store, it can create a number of issues. With limited vision, customers are more prone to injury. Not only that, it may provide an opportunity for theft and vandalism.

For over 30 years, Weisman Electric has been the area’s premier electric service team. Our experienced electrical technicians have up to 60 years of experience in the industry. With a wide range of knowledge and the proper tools and training, we can provide reliable and complete generator maintenance services. Ensuring that your generator is operating at maximum efficiency is important to ensure the protection of your family and property. The worst time to find out your generator isn’t working correctly is during a storm when the power goes out. Whether we’ve installed your generator for you or another electrical contractor installed it, we can help. We have experience providing maintenance to a wide variety of manufacturers.

The size of your generator is entirely determined by the amount of power you require during an outage. Some homes and businesses only need essential systems running, such as refrigeration. However, we also offer generator installation for those that wish to keep a portion of their home or business operating when the main power goes out. Whatever your power needs are, you can feel confident that our team can help. Our electrical technicians can meet with you to determine your power needs and make a proper recommendation for the right generator.

When it comes to alternative power during a power outage, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) provides a seamless transition when the electricity goes out. The most significant difference between a UPS and Generator is the gap in electrical output. The UPS will automatically kick on when the power goes out, which is essential for businesses that rely on electronic devices, such as computers. When the main power goes out, your UPS will automatically activate, allowing you the chance to save your work and continue working if necessary.

At Weisman Electric, we understand that it’s essential to protect your family and business without breaking the bank, and you can’t always plan for an emergency. That’s why we’re happy to provide our customers with special money-saving offers. As a locally-owned business, we feel that it’s our duty to ensure that our customers receive the best service at an affordable price. Learn more about how we can help save you money on a generator installation service.


When choosing the right electrical service company for your generator installation service, you need one that has the experience to ensure the installation is completed the first time correctly. Weisman Electric has been installing generators for home and business owners for over 30 years. Our knowledgeable and experienced team can answer all of your questions about our generators. We install generators from the leading manufacturers in the industry, so you can feel confident your family and business are safe during a power outage. Contact our team today to learn more about our installation process and get started.


The average life expectancy of a new whole house standby generator is about 25 years. We recommend looking at replacing your generator every 10-15 years just to be safe. The point of generators is to help you out in a bad situation. If your generator also goes out when you need it, you may wish you had replaced it sooner. It’s important to make sure to regularly maintain your generator as well.

An automatic backup generator is a generator that provides backup electrical power automatically without you needing to manually switch it on, whether you are away or at home. It automatically supplies your house with power within seconds of a power outage directly through your home’s circuit breaker. When utility power returns, the generator automatically shuts itself off and awaits the next outage. These use natural gas or liquid propane and sit outside of your home, similar to an air conditioning unit.

We provide comprehensive generator services, including:

  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • UPS Systems
  • Commercial & Residential Service

You can expect the following and more during our maintenance checks:

  • Change generator oil
  • Replace filters
  • Spark plug replacements
  • Adjust valves
  • Full inspection for oil leaks
  • Full test for faults and error codes
  • Update firmware
  • Test battery
  • The correct level of coolant
  • Clean the radiator of debris and obstruction

We recommend scheduling your generator service on a yearly basis. Our team can help you schedule your routine maintenance to always make sure your generator is running efficiently. Certain generators require different intervals for service, depending on their use, make, and model.

When you schedule your routine maintenance service for your generator through Weisman Electric, we take care of everything for you. Our appointment only takes a few hours, and we can work around your schedule. Contact us today to schedule your routine generator maintenance service in Annapolis.


Residential & Commercial Electrical Services in Annapolis, MD


The experienced and reliable team at Weisman Electric is used to answering questions about electrical services in Annapolis, MD. We are happy to provide you with these new electrical service FAQs about our residential and commercial electrical services. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about our electrical repair services. We’ve prepared the answers to questions we often receive in these FAQs about emergency electrical service. We offer everything from minor home repairs to office remodeling jobs. Browse through the answers to these questions, and get in touch with us if you think of any questions we didn’t get to this time around.

There’s no reason to search for electrical services near me any longer because we’re here to answer all your questions about commercial and residential electrical services.

We offer all types of electrical services, including marina electrical services, residential electrical services, and commercial electrical services. We offer same-day and 24/7 emergency appointments.


We recommend that you upgrade your electrical system every 30 years. Your electrical service is typically the least serviced system in your house. In most cases, underlying issues that need to be addressed are never found until you experience a problem. Many parts of your electrical system can corrode, rot, wear out, or stop working correctly. It’s also important to keep up with changes in the electrical code. Safety is the #1 reason to upgrade your electrical system, so protect your family, employees, or customers.


The top three benefits of charging your electric vehicle at home include cost-efficiency, convenience, and safety. You won’t need to take your car somewhere else to charge it and have to worry about it being broken into, waiting for it to charge, or getting a ride back to it. By paying a flat fee for a residential charging station, you can access unlimited energy to charge your vehicle at any time.


Some key benefits of installing an electric vehicle charging station for your business include attracting eco-conscious customers, showcasing your commitment to sustainability, earning extra revenue, and preparing your business for the future.


Led lighting is very energy-efficient, meaning you’ll get more light and less heat at a lower cost.


LED retrofitting involves replacing your existing lighting with newer and better technology to increase energy efficiency and light quality.

Yes, we offer 24/7 emergency electrical services for your home or business in Annapolis, MD. Contact us at any time for service.

A smart home can monitor and control many aspects of your home, including lighting, appliances, entertainment systems, and climate. Home automation may also include home security such as alarm systems and access control. You can control everything from one device, such as your smartphone.


The first step is to replace your high-powered lights with more energy-efficient options, such as LED, outdoor solar lighting, or fluorescent lighting. With conventional incandescent lighting, 90% of the energy is used to produce heat. You will save money on monthly energy bills by allowing our team to install energy-efficient lighting options.


Choosing the proper lighting fixtures for your business is essential when it comes to functionality and appearance. The team at Weisman Electric installs all types of commercial lighting, including metal halides, fluorescent lighting, LED lighting, incandescent lighting, and more.


Our team has over 40 years of service experience working with residential and commercial clients to provide efficient, safe, and affordable electrical services throughout Annapolis. Every member of our team has received the latest training and continuously works to improve their craft. Our longstanding history of serving the local community and surrounding Maryland areas has catapulted us to be the Maryland region’s premier Electrical Contractor.


Modern lighting solutions, such as LED lightbulbs, are increasingly energy-efficient. Having a well-lit area increases your home security exponentially. Burglars and other intruders tend to stay away from well-lit areas as they are easier to be seen.


Yes! Most EV owners conduct a good portion of their charging in their own homes. You can plug into a level 1 charger with a 120-volt plug. But these are slow charging. We recommend installing a level 2 charge plug into a 240-volt plug. Contact us today to schedule your installation and transform the way you charge your electric vehicle.


There are many questions you should be asking your electrical contractor before they begin work in your space. Whether you are hiring a contractor for your home or office, it’s vital to make sure you are in good hands and safe. Ask the following questions:

  • Are you licensed?
  • Are you insured?
  • Do you have any references?
  • May I see your credentials?
  • Are you performing the actual work, or do you contract it out?
  • What are your service fees?
  • Are you under warranty?

Fortunately, the team at Weisman Electric has the answers to all these questions. We are licensed, insured, and guarantee our work. Our over 60 years of combined experience helping our community with all types of electrical solutions is one of the biggest reasons we’re Annapolis’s go-to service team.

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