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Category: Commercial Electrical Services

Top Commercial Electrical Solutions in Annapolis

The Top Reasons to Invest in a Commercial EV Charging Station in Annapolis The growing popularity of electric vehicles means a growing need for electric vehicle charging stations. This need is not currently being met. Over 2 million electric cars were sold in Q1 of

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Comparing Led Lights With Conventional Light Bulbs

When you hire an electrician serving Annapolis to install a new generator, fire alarm system, or smoke detector on your property, you may want to ask him about the benefits of updating your lighting design. Today’s LED lights are incredibly energy-efficient, while also offering beautiful illumination throughout

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An Overview of Some Popular Led Lighting Controls

If you are seeking an eco-friendly lighting solution for your home, you may want to talk to your electrician about installing new LED lights. When you upgrade your current lighting design to include LED lights, you can reduce your energy consumption while also providing your household

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Essential Tips for Installing a New Smoke Detector

Whether you are moving into a new home or are making improvements to your current residence, you may want to consider a new smoke detector installation. Along with your fire alarm, your smoke detector will be among the most important safety features in your home.

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Why Choose Weisman Electric Company

When you are seeking a top-rated electrician near Annapolis, you should be sure to contact the Weisman Electric Company. There are many advantages to working with Weisman Electric for all of your lighting and residential electric services. With more than three decades in the electrical business,

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Getting to Know Weisman Electric Company

When you are seeking top-quality residential or commercial electrical services, you should be sure to contact Weisman Electric Company. Our electricians near Annapolis are highly skilled and qualified, and we are ready and able to assist you with all of your electrical repairs. As a family-owned

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