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Child-Proof Outlet Installation in Annapolis, MD

We Specialize in Baby-Proof Outlet Covers

Child safety is a top priority for parents and caregivers, and that includes protecting children from electrical hazards at home. Here at Weisman Electric Company, we understand the importance of creating a safe environment for your family. That’s why we offer child-proof outlet installation services to our customers in Annapolis, MD, and the surrounding areas. Our experienced electricians can install tamper-resistant outlets to help prevent electrical accidents from happening.

What Is Child-Proof Outlet Installation?

Child-proof outlet installation involves installing tamper-resistant electrical outlets in your home. These outlets have a built-in shutter system that prevents children from inserting foreign objects into the sockets, reducing the risk of electrical shocks and burns. Child-proof outlet covers are designed to be easy for adults to use while making it difficult for young children to access. This safety measure is important, especially for families with young children, as it can help prevent electrical accidents and promote a safer home environment. Our residential electricians know how to baby-proof outlets in use in all rooms of your home to increase your family’s safety.

The Importance of Child Proofing Outlets

Installing child-proof electrical outlet plugs is crucial in creating a safe environment for your children at home. Young children are curious by nature and may try to insert foreign objects into electrical outlets, which can result in serious injuries such as electrical shocks and burns. Childproof outlets provide an added layer of protection by making it difficult for children to access the electrical sockets. This is achieved through a built-in shutter system that prevents foreign objects from being inserted into the outlet. Additionally, child-proof electrical outlet plugs are designed to be easy for adults to use, allowing you to plug and unplug your devices easily. Installing child-proof outlets in your home gives you peace of mind knowing that you are taking important steps to protect your children from electrical hazards.

What Are Tamper Resistant Receptacles & How Do They Work?

Tamper-resistant receptacles (TRRs) are electrical outlets designed to reduce the risk of electrical accidents, particularly those involving children. They work by using a shutter system that covers the openings of the outlet when they are not in use. This system prevents foreign objects such as hairpins, keys, and other small items from being inserted into the outlet while still allowing electrical plugs to be inserted. To insert a plug, both prongs must be inserted simultaneously with equal pressure, opening the shutter, and allowing access to the electrical current. TRRs are required by the National Electrical Code to be installed in all new and renovated homes, childcare facilities, and schools. Installing TRRs in your home can help protect your children from electrical accidents and promote a safer living environment.

Products to Avoid

It is recommended to avoid selecting child-proof outlets that require screwing plugs in place as they can be inconvenient and pose a risk of fire. Moreover, once the child-proof outlet plates are installed, it is advised to refrain from using plastic plugs as they can be a choking hazard to young children.


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Weisman Electric Company is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service and expertise. Our team of electricians has the knowledge and experience to install the best child-proof outlet covers in your home quickly and efficiently, giving you peace of mind that your loved ones are safe from electrical hazards. Don’t wait until it’s too late to childproof your home – contact us to schedule an appointment and ensure the safety of your children. Trust us to be your local electrician in Annapolis, MD, for all your electrical needs.

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