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Category: Smoke Detector

Understanding How Smoke Detectors Work

Everyone has smoke detectors inside their homes and places of work -or at least they should. However, very few people understand the science and engineering that goes into a smoke detector. If you’re curious about smoke detectors, check out this video and reach out to

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Shopping for a New Smoke Detector

A smoke detector is designed to save your life in the event that a fire breaks out in your home. Whether you are building a new house near Annapolis, or are updating your current fire alarm system, you will want to make sure that you choose

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Why Do You Need a Carbon Monoxide Detector?

Whether you are building a new home, or are gearing up for a renovation project, it is essential to install a carbon monoxide detector on your property. Carbon monoxide is a completely odorless and colorless gas that can pose a serious safety hazard to you

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Is Your Smoke Detector Functioning Properly?

Is Your Smoke Detector Functioning Properly? Smoke detectors provide early warning when fires break out, allowing building occupants the time they need to address the situation or evacuate safely. However, smoke alarms can suffer from various issues, including low power levels, faulty wiring, and other

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The ABC’s of Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors form a valuable line of defense against building fires. Ensuring that your property maintains a working fire alarm will protect the building itself, as well as its occupants, from damage and injury associated with fires and smoke. In this video, you will learn about some

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