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UPS Systems

UPS Battery Backup Solutions at Weisman Electric

When you need a way to handle all of your emergency and backup power needs in Annapolis, MD, call on Weisman Electric for UPS battery backup systems. Our team is well equipped to handle any electrical malfunction you may be facing. We take pride in providing reliable power protection for critical applications, offering sales, service, and installation for both commercial and industrial applications.

The Benefits of Installing a UPS Systems

When it comes to UPS (uninterruptible power supply) battery backup systems, the benefits are endless. If you think about it, pretty much all successful businesses today rely on functioning power to operate. With that being said, you can’t exactly plan for the unexpected, and a power shortage could mean the worst for your business operations.

We’ll get to the root of what caused your power outage, and help you decide if a UPS battery backup system may be right for your commercial or residential property. In most cases, these types of backup solutions are everything business and homeowners never knew they were missing. This is due to the plethora of benefits associated with UPS systems. Some of the most beneficial advantages of investing in this type of backup include the following:

Uninterrupted Power

With a UPS battery backup system, you won’t have to worry about outages causing any damage to your expensive and critical equipment, such as computers or factory production line equipment.

Constant Coverage

Electronics within a UPS tells it when it needs to work and kicks in alternate power as needed. This eliminates glitches or surges and allows time to safely shut down central systems when necessary.

Acts as a Filter

A UPS backup is often described as a kind of filter. It refines power as it comes into the UPS, then works to adjust its output. The internal systems are delivered a clean and consistent supply of power free from any oddities or mishaps.

UPS Systems Help Pay for Themselves

UPS battery backup systems begin paying returns instantly when it comes to protection. The fact is, an efficient UPS can pay for itself in just a few years based on reduced energy costs alone. If you are a business owner, this is definitely an investment worth looking into for your office space.

Generators vs. UPS Backup Systems

One of the most frequent questions we receive from customers is, “why not just install a generator?” And the answer is simple: Unlike a generator system, a UPS battery backup system does not have a lag or switchover period. UPS systems instantly switch over from the main power supply, keeping your electronic devices running without any interruptions.

UPS backups are specially designed to prevent devices from having to shut down abruptly and ensure no data is lost along with the power. Moreover, generators are not equipped with power conditioning and surge protection functionality.

UPS systems have changed the game for businesses and homeowners alike. At Weisman Electric, we encourage property owners with high-tech and detrimental electronic equipment to consider the benefit of having both a generator and UPS system. Both generators and UPS systems work together to protect your equipment, so you can keep your business affairs running smoothly no matter the circumstances. With power outages and surges on the rise, investing in these systems is more beneficial than ever before.

How to Properly Maintain UPS Systems

Properly maintaining your UPS backup is essential to its performance, efficiency, and battery life. For starters, UPS systems will need a cool, dry, and dust-free environment so the batteries can function optimally. UPS batteries must be properly maintained and monitored to make sure your UPS system will work as designed and, more importantly, when it’s needed.

Our team can perform routine inspections and testing and can even help set customers up with battery monitoring devices for you to utilize as a part of proper upkeep and maintenance. Battery-based UPS systems’ batteries last around 5–10 years and must be disposed of according to environmentally friendly standards.

Our Installation Services

The significant benefits which UPS battery backup systems offer make them a necessity for any business relying on electrical devices and technology. Our team has more than three decades worth of experience handling residential and commercial new construction, including tenant improvements and renovations, emergency generator systems, power quality & UPS systems, electrical service work, and custom-home electrical wiring. We can effortlessly install an uninterruptible power supply system at your property.

Our experienced team of licensed electricians will answer any questions you may have during the installation process. We will provide the support you need when deciding which type of UPS system is right for your unique situation. It is our goal to provide our Annapolis, MD neighbors with the solutions necessary to ensure their homes and businesses are fully protected from power failures and surges in the future.

Why Choose the Team at Weisman Electric?

When you rely on us, you can have peace of mind knowing our team will efficiently address all of your electrical needs. As a family-owned and -operated full-service electrical company, we have built a reputation around keeping any project under budget and on schedule. Additionally, we specialize in battery-free flywheel solutions and offer “complete turnkey” installations for all our generator and UPS systems. We’ll even provide all necessary rigging and removal of old equipment when needed.

We take special care to engineer each project to meet your unique needs. From a 10kVA battery UPS at a home office to multi-megawatt flywheel systems at a data center, our team is the complete single source, turnkey backup power contractor.

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When you need UPS battery backup solutions for your Annapolis, MD home or business, the team at Weisman Electric is ready to help. An effective backup system can make a significant difference for your home or business operations the next time a power surge strikes. Make sure you’re prepared by getting in touch with one of our knowledgeable team members today. For specific information on models, sizes, pricing, or maintenance plans, please call our office. We look forward to assisting you!

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