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Fire Alarm System

We Improve Your Property’s Fire Protection​ Near Annapolis​

Every year, approximately 80,000 commercial fires cause thousands of injuries and billions of dollars in property damage. In a residential capacity, it is a very unfortunate reality that a considerable number of fire and smoke induced injuries and deaths are due to outdated smoke alarm systems, and missing or dead batteries within smoke alarms. As a result, significant updates have recently been made to Maryland’s Smoke Alarm Law, part of a nationwide trend to ensure new and replacement smoke alarms have the most effective technology available. We are here to help you navigate these new and improved mandates to keep your property up to date, effective and in accordance with the law. An effective fire alarm system can save lives!

Best Areas for Smoke Detector Installation

Smoke detectors are an important part of an effective fire alarm system. Installing smoke detectors in the areas where fires most commonly first break out is the best way to improve early warning times for faster fire suppression response.


Kitchens are one of the most common places for fires to occur. Installing a smoke detector and fire alarm system near any kitchens on your property is a smart move toward better fire safety.


HVAC systems, including boilers, can also pose a fire risk, even when they are located in separate storage facilities. The installation of a smoke detector near any indoor HVAC equipment can alert you to the first signs of a problem.


Storage areas can become the sites of fire outbreaks when improper storage methods are utilized. Especially if you store paper documentation or other flammable materials onsite, installing smoke detectors in these areas will ensure that any fire associated with these materials does not go unnoticed.


Locker areas and bathrooms can provide a tempting space for employees who don’t wish to go outside to smoke. Installing smoke detectors in these locations will not only deter indoor smoking, but reduce the fire risk associated with smoking as well.

Getting the Most From Your Fire Alarms

Following fire alarm installation, it’s important to work with your employees to develop a complete fire protection program. You can find out more about fire alarm installation and electrical services in Annapolis. Speak to an experienced electrician at Weisman Electric Company for more details.

Hold regular fire drills and ensure that all employees are familiar with all potential exits from your property so they can still exit safely if one or more areas of egress are blocked.

Instruct your employees never to tamper with or hang items on fire alarms, smoke detectors, or other fire suppression equipment. Additionally, make sure employees know to come forward and report issues they notice that may affect fire alarm performance, such as visible damage or electrical issues.

If your fire alarms are damaged or inactive, they cannot provide the early warning system you need. You should have your fire alarms checked and tested regularly by a trained electrician to ensure they are in good condition at all times.

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