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Home Standby Generator Maintenance & Repair in Annapolis, MD

Be Prepared for Power Outages with Weisman Electric

Never worry about power outages again with Weisman Electric’s reliable, high-performance home standby generators. Based in Annapolis, MD, Weisman Electric is your trusted local expert when it comes to ensuring an uninterrupted power supply for your home. Our home standby generators are designed to kick in automatically when the main power source fails, keeping your essential appliances and systems running smoothly during blackouts or emergencies. Contact us today and discover the peace of mind that comes with having a home standby generator from Weisman Electric.

How Do Standby Backup Generators Work?

tandby backup generators are a reliable and efficient solution for ensuring uninterrupted power supply during outages. These generators work by constantly monitoring the incoming utility power. When the generator senses a loss of utility power, it automatically kicks into action. The standby generator is connected to the electrical panel of the building and is fueled by a reliable source such as natural gas or propane. Once activated, the generator begins generating electricity and transfers it to the electrical panel, providing power to the essential circuits or the entire building, depending on the generator’s capacity. When the utility power is restored, the standby generator senses it and automatically switches back to standby mode, ready for the next outage.

Why Perform Standby Generator Maintenance?

Maintenance helps identify and address potential issues or malfunctions before they become major problems. Our experienced team can help you keep the generator in optimal condition by conducting regular inspections, cleaning, and testing, maximizing its lifespan and performance. Standby generator service tasks may include checking fuel levels, inspecting connections and wiring, testing the battery, changing filters, and conducting load tests. Regular maintenance also helps ensure the generator complies with safety standards and manufacturer recommendations.

Our Standby Generator Maintenance Checklist

Regular maintenance is crucial for ensuring the reliable performance of standby generators. Weisman Electric recommends that maintenance be performed 1-2 times per year, and we offer maintenance plans to keep your generator in top shape. Below is a checklist of essential maintenance tasks to help you keep your standby generator in optimal condition and ready to provide reliable backup power during outages:

Regular Inspection

Check the generator for any visible signs of damage, leaks, or corrosion. Examine the fuel lines, exhaust system, and battery connections for wear or deterioration.

Fuel System

Ensure an adequate fuel supply and check for fuel leaks. If using a fuel stabilizer, ensure it is at the appropriate level and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Oil and Filter Change

Regularly change the oil and replace the oil filter as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. This maintenance helps maintain optimal engine performance and prolong the life of the generator.

Air Filter

Clean or replace the air filter to ensure proper airflow and prevent the build-up of dirt and debris that can affect generator performance.


Test the battery and clean the terminals to prevent corrosion. Replace the battery if necessary to ensure reliable starting.

Cooling System

Inspect the cooling system for any leaks or blockages. Clean the radiator and ensure proper coolant levels for efficient engine cooling.

Control Panel

Check the control panel for any error codes or alerts. Reset and address any issues indicated by the generator’s control panel.

Load Test

Perform periodic load tests to ensure the generator can handle the expected electrical load during an outage. These tests ensure the generator is functioning properly and can provide sufficient power.

Exercise the Generator

Regularly run the generator under load for a specified period, typically around 30 minutes, to keep the engine components lubricated and prevent any issues due to inactivity.

How Far Can a Standby Generator Be from the House?

The distance between a standby generator and the house will depend on various factors, including local codes, manufacturer recommendations, and specific installation requirements. Generally, standby generators should be installed within reasonable proximity to the house to ensure efficient electrical connections and minimize energy loss. It is recommended to consult with a qualified electrician or generator installation professional to determine the appropriate distance based on your specific circumstances and local regulations.

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At Weisman Electric, we understand the importance of having a reliable power backup system in your home. Our home standby generators provide the peace of mind you deserve, knowing that your household will remain powered up during unexpected outages. With our expert home standby generator installation, maintenance, and repair services, we ensure that your generator is ready to kick in whenever you need it. Contact us now to schedule a consultation and let our team help you choose the perfect generator solution for your needs.

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