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When your power has been interrupted by a storm or an electrical issue, will you be prepared? In an emergency situation where your power is out for hours or days, you could be without basic utilities and communication. But when you work with us here at Weisman Electric, you can be prepared and keep your family safe. We offer whole home generator installation and generator installation for commercial businesses as well. We have been serving the communities of Annapolis, MD for more than 30 years, so we have the expertise and experience needed for professional generator installation.

Electrical and Instrument technician checking electricity system which produced by gas turbine engine power generator that install at offshore oil and gas platform.

Electrical and Instrument technician checking electricity system which produced by gas turbine engine power generator that install at offshore oil and gas platform.


Why You Need a Generator in Annapolis, MD

There are many reasons why you should have a generator for your Annapolis, MD home. Here are the most important reasons:

  • Storm Safety – Having a generator means your fire sensors will remain functional when a storm knocks out the power. A generator will also provide you with light to help you avoid accidents in a blackout.
  • Household Appliances – Keeping your refrigerator, heater, computers, and phones powered up is important in a blackout. A generator will keep your food from spoiling and allow you to communicate with your neighbors, family, and friends in emergency situations.
  • Home Protection – You may not be home during a power outage, leaving your home susceptible to thieves. Your generator will provide power to your home security and monitoring systems. Backup generator power will also ensure that your sump pump has electricity to operate. Having a generator installed in your home or business will also minimize the risk of dangerous power fluctuations and spikes when the power gets turned back on.

When you are ready to safeguard your home and your family, call on us here at Weisman Electric for professional generator installation services.

Generator FAQs

We understand that generator installation is an investment, and you probably have questions about generators. We want you to be well-informed so you can make the best decision for your home, business, and family. Check out the answers to these important generator questions:

  • Who Can Benefit From Having a Generator? – A generator can be extremely beneficial for residents, homeowners, and business owners. Having a generator professionally installed by our team will ensure that your property will be protected in the event of a power outage. A generator can help keep yourself, your family, your employees, and your customers safe in an emergency situation.
  • What Should I Consider When Installing a Generator? – You should always make sure that you have considered the upfront costs, fuel costs, fuel storage, and maintenance costs before installing a generator in your home or business. You should also make sure that you have it installed by an experienced professional.
  • Is a Standby Generator an Investment? – Absolutely. A generator ensures that you will not be without the use of your appliances, lighting, and even your phone when there is a power outage. Installing a whole-home generator may even increase the value of your home.
  • Do Generators Make a Lot of Noise? – Generators are motorized systems, so they do produce a certain amount of noise. However, much of the noise can be negated by installing it in a strategic location in your home or place of business.

Contact Weisman Electric

Generator installation in Annapolis, MD is an important service. Power outages due to severe storms are an unfortunate yet unavoidable part of life. We offer competitive rates for our service and ensure quality installation. Weisman Electric is a multi-generation, family-owned business, so we understand the need to protect your family in adverse situations. If you are considering generator installation, reach out to the Weisman Electric family.