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What Happens When You Skip Generator Maintenance?

Just like your body or your car, your generator needs routine maintenance in order to function the way it should. Regular generator maintenance in Annapolis ensures that your generator will function efficiently when you need it to, which adds to your security and peace of mind. Whether you run out of time or forget to maintain your generator, however, a lack of upkeep can bring about some serious problems; it can also keep you from catching ones that already exist. You might need to call your generator maintenance professional to set up a plan for the future. Here’s a look at what happens when you skip generator maintenance:

Dealing With Issues

When you skip generator maintenance, you miss an opportunity to catch a problem before it develops. Unfortunately, this means that you might only find out about the problem when your generator fails to turn on during a power outage. During a blackout is exactly when you’d expect your generator to work, and it will be particularly difficult to troubleshoot in the dark. In this case, you might need to wait out the night or call your generator mechanic to find out what’s wrong with your unit. A malfunction could also reduce the energy efficiency of your generator, so it might require more fuel than usual.

Calling the Pros

If you skip maintenance and discover a problem with your generator, it’s likely time to call your generator repair service. You should first check to make sure your generator has enough fuel; if this is not the problem, there could be a variety of issues afoot that you don’t know how to diagnose. Your generator repair service can take a look at your unit to see if there may be a leak, a lack of coolant, or other issues that you likely could not fix on your own.

Setting Up a Maintenance Plan

When you invest in professional generator maintenance, you can be sure that your unit will never be deprived. A quality generator mechanic can come to your home and maintain your generator to be sure that it’s running at optimal capacity.