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The Benefits of LED Lighting

When you are shopping for lighting in Annapolis, you may want to think about making the switch to LED lighting. LED lights offer many advantages over conventional or fluorescent lights. Whether you install LED light bulbs for your outdoor lighting, or use these innovative lights indoors, LED lights will enhance the beauty and sustainability of your lighting system. A company specializing in residential electric services can provide you with more information about the types of LED lights that are available for your home. To help you get started on your installation, here is a look at some of the amazing benefits that LED lights to have to offer you.

Save Energy

One of the main benefits of LED lighting is that this type of lighting will go a long way towards helping you save energy. Overall, LED lights are up to 75% more efficient than conventional lights. In addition, you can expect your LED lighting system to last 25 times longer than any lighting system that you currently have in place in your home.

Reduce Heat

During the hot summer months, LED lights can also help to reduce the amount of heat that gets trapped in your house. Since LED lights are very small, they create almost no heat energy when they are switched on. By contrast, incandescent bulbs emit up to 90% heat energy, and CFLs also produce a staggering 80% heat energy. To cut back on the heat that is released by your lighting, LED lighting is the way to go.

Improve Efficiency

LED lighting can also improve the efficiency and power of your current lighting system. For example, LED lights are very directional, meaning that their light can be trained in a specific area. This makes LED lights a terrific choice for task lighting in a kitchen or downlights in a living room area. For more information about the great benefits of LED lighting, be sure to contact a residential electrician near you.