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Spotting the Signs of a Home Electrical Problem

Everyone should be diligent when it comes to home safety, and that means regularly checking for electrical problems. A sign as simple as an unexpected lighting change can be a precursor to a bigger problem. Call your electricians in Annapolis for more information on what to look for and how best they can help you.

Extensive Extension Cords

Extension cords are used to help distribute power and keep your home and electric products from overloading, but having too many can be a problem. Having several extension cords throughout the house creates more chances for the cords to get pinched, degrade, or short out. This can lead to damaged outlets and even fires. Use extension cords for short amounts of time, such as when you put up outdoor lighting for holidays. If you find that you need more outlets then call your electrician to install them professionally.

Lowered Lighting

If you notice your lights flicker or dim often, there might be a bigger problem. Light fixtures don’t draw very much power, so the dimming might be caused by a bigger appliance wired to the same circuit. Space heaters and portable air conditioners are the typical culprits when you notice your lights dimming. Call your electrician about the best way to solve this problem, either by moving the lights’ circuit connections or installing ones specifically for your major appliances.

Saved by the Senses

If you notice a strange odor, sparking, hot outlets, or hear a buzzing, then call your electrician as soon as possible. If you notice a strange smell coming from an outlet, then unplug anything connected to it. Sparking is never good, but it might be coming from the appliance rather than the outlet. Determine which, and that will dictate who you call to fix it. Hot outlets and a buzzing sound are possible signs of a wiring problem. If you’re unsure of what the problem is, or where it’s coming from, call your electrician.