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Questions To Ask When Hiring an Electrician

Electricians can help you with a variety of services, from making electrical repairs and maintaining your fire alarm to adding lighting, generators, and other features to your home or commercial property. Before you select an electrician near Annapolis, it’s helpful to ask a few key questions to determine whether the company you’ve chosen is right for your needs.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

Any electrician you allow onto your property should be licensed and insured for your protection and his. Licensing means that your electrician is legally permitted to perform electrical work on your property that complies with safety standards, while insurance will protect you and your electricians in case of an accident or inadvertent property damage.

What Are Your Specialties?

You want to know that your electrician can handle the unique needs of your home or business. Discussing the services your electrician most frequently provides can help you make the right decision when selecting an electrical company in Annapolis. While most electricians can handle common tasks such as electrical wiring, lighting installation, and fire alarm testing, if you are interested in a generator, surge protector, home automation, or other specialized electrical systems, you’ll want to make sure you choose an electrical contractor that has extensive experience in these areas.

How Does Your Estimate Process Work?

Getting an estimate can help you budget for any electrical work you may need. However, electrical companies often differ in the way they produce estimates, so it’s a good idea to ask your electrician how he prepares an estimate and the services or materials the estimate will include so you are not surprised with added costs after the job is complete.

Do You Offer Warranties?

Warranties and guarantees protect you and your investment after electrical work has been completed. If there is a problem with the service provided, you’ll want to know that your electrician will stand behind his work to make it right at no added cost. Ask your electrician about the warranties and workmanship guarantees he offers to ensure you are satisfied with them before you schedule service.