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Power Through Anything: Home & Business Generators in Annapolis, MD

Power outages happen. Sometimes it’s when you least expect them — such as when it’s a sweltering summer day in Annapolis and the power grid is strained. Or inclement weather blows through, knocking down power lines along the way.

And other times, going without power might be expected. For example, a planned outage might be required to repair critical electrical lines. In this scenario, your power is still disrupted, but you knew that it was coming. Regardless of the cause, a power outage can be a major issue for both residential and commercial properties.

Being prepared by having a permanent generator ready to go can keep your home or business running smoothly until the power can be restored. If you still need more convincing that investing in this type of generator in Annapolis, MD is a good idea, keep reading.

Generators are Good for Business

Most business owners are aware that a generator is a critical tool to have at their disposal — even if they haven’t yet invested in one. However, here are a few more reasons you should make the move to adding a permanent generator to your equipment list.

Stay Operational No Matter What

One of the most obvious reasons to get a generator for your business is so that you can keep your doors open. Depending on the type of operation you have, a generator may be necessary to keep the kitchen running, or to operate other types of equipment.

Likewise, with many businesses switching to VOIP phone lines rather than traditional wired connections, maintaining electricity ensures that potential customers can still contact you even when your regular power is out.

Protect Revenue Streams

Similar to the last point, if you can’t run your business, you can’t make money. Maybe an hour being down might not cut severely into profits. But if that outage lasts for the day, or even a few days, that might seriously impact monthly earnings. Avoid this by investing in a generator so that business can function as normal.

Stay Connected At All Times

Along with ensuring customers can call your business, you also want to guarantee that any other communication method is functional. At a minimum this can mean support for sending and receiving emails or faxes. But especially for restaurant owners, this may also include receiving orders from delivery services and managing real-time vendor communications to keep things running smoothly.

Keep Your Property Safeguarded

Generators don’t just keep the computers and phones running, they also ensure that any infrastructure systems that are in place are still functioning. In particular, this includes your security system. So, no matter what’s happening with the actual power grid in your municipality, you can breathe easier knowing that your lights, security, and any other integral systems are unaffected.

Reinforce Data Protections

Sometimes when power outages occur, they can damage computer equipment by causing surges in the electrical supply. In extreme cases, this can mean that hard drives and servers might be damaged. That lost data represents revenue, as well as your business’ ability to maintain essential information like customer lists, accounting records, and more. Having a permanent generator can act as a safeguard to protect vital equipment from damaging power surges.

Ensure Vital Systems Maintain Power

A nice value-added feature to having a permanent generator is that business owners can map out which systems or areas of their business property will receive power. So, if core operations center around the kitchen and dining area in a restaurant, you can program the generator to only supply power there when it’s on. This ensures your business never skips a beat and that you’re not wasting resources in areas of your operation that don’t need it.

Automated Power When You Need It

One of the biggest benefits to having a permanent generator is knowing that the system is designed to automatically send power where it’s needed as soon as the built-in sensor detects a drop in the main power line. This translates to a seamless system handoff which means core operations or areas of your business never experience an interruption.

Why Your Home Needs a Permanent Generator

Keeping a home operational is a little different from a business. But it’s still critical for the occupants to have access to power whenever they need it. While portable generators are an option, standby or whole house generators in Annapolis, MD offer a premium level of peace of mind.

More Reliable Than Portable Generators

Yes, portable generators are fairly affordable and run on refillable fuel. They can be incredibly convenient, but they’re limited in what they can do. Traditionally, a portable generator can only power a few appliances or devices simultaneously. They’re also loud, and they need to be protected from the elements since exposure to water can damage them. Similarly, these models are notorious for emitting noxious fumes — which means that you need to ensure there’s proper ventilation to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

Even though permanent generators also rely on propane, the tank is significantly larger. Not only are they installed so that the wiring is directly connected to your home’s electrical system, but they can also run for days or even weeks. This is major since severe winter or even summer weather can and does hit Annapolis, and it can create power outages that last for several days.

Be Prepared for Anything

As mentioned previously, storms are a part of Annapolis life, so having a guaranteed electric source if strong winds knock down power lines is important. But beyond storms, heat waves, power surges, or even downed trees can all impact the local power supply.

Multiple Fuel Source Options

These days, propane isn’t the only option for fueling a generator. Modern innovations have made it possible for homeowners to select a whole house generator that runs on natural gas by connecting with local municipal sources. This boosts reliability and also reduces the need for scheduling refills.

Avoid Structural Damage

Power outages aren’t just minor inconveniences, they can spell big trouble for homeowners. An outage during the winter months could cause pipes to freeze if there’s no heat. Left for too long, those pipes could burst, creating widespread damage and massive repair bills — along with the headache that accompanies them. But having a generator means you can avoid this risk.

Avoid Spoiled Food

One of the biggest fears in a power outage is that any food left in the refrigerator will spoil if the power isn’t restored quickly. But a standby generator will keep your fridge or standing freezer humming along, protecting your grocery budget investment.

Keep Medical Devices Running

These days people are used to everything being portable. But some people still rely on traditional plug-in medical devices for everyday needs. Whether it’s a nebulizer, CPAP machine, or respirator, a standby generator protects the most vulnerable people in your home. Likewise, even people that rely on mobility devices can rest assured that they can continue to charge any batteries to maintain their independence.

HVAC Support When You Need It

There’s nothing worse than a power outage on a hot, humid, sticky summer day (or night). And if you don’t have a generator, you’re at the mercy of Mother Nature’s willingness to send a breeze your way, and the local power company’s ability to restore electricity to your neighborhood. But if you have a generator, your HVAC, mini splits, window units, or electric fans will continue to operate as expected.

Increased Home Value

Whether you plan on selling your property eventually or simply want to refinance to pull out equity for a home improvement project, investing in a whole house generator installation is guaranteed to raise your property value. If you’re selling your home, this line item on a listing makes your home more desirable than your neighbor’s that lacks a generator.

According to Consumer Reports, installing a whole home generator increases home value by three to five percent. Meanwhile, a 2014 report from Remodeling Magazine noted that standby generator installations offered as much as a 150% return on the original investment.

Create Peace of Mind with Generators in Annapolis, MD

Whether you own a business or are a homeowner, there are plenty of good reasons to invest in a standby generator. These professionally installed devices are designed to keep life running smoothly so you can focus on the business at hand rather than worrying about when the power will be restored. If you’re ready to protect your business or home from outages, let the knowledgeable team at Weisman Electric help you create the ultimate safety net. Contact us today for a free quote or to discuss the available options for your property.