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Get Ready for Summer Entertaining With These Landscape Lighting Ideas

The right lighting can set the perfect mood for your backyard parties during the summer season. If your yard currently does not have a landscape lighting design, consider hiring electrical contractors in Annapolis to help you with your installation. Your electrical contractors can provide you with deck lighting and other services that will provide your outdoor spaces with beautiful illumination that is ideal for your seasonal festivities. Here are some terrific landscape lighting ideas to keep in mind for the summer entertaining season.

Layered Lighting

One great idea to consider for your landscape lighting design is the concept of layered lighting. With layered lighting, you will use several different types of light to create a lighting concept that is multi-dimensional and highly attractive. Combining ground lights, spotlights, and deck lights is one great way to achieve a layered lighting installation in your backyard. To achieve even more layers for your lighting installation, you can even include string lights along a terrace, tree, or other elevated landscaping elements.

Path Lighting

When you are entertaining guests in your backyard, you will want to make sure that your landscape lighting creates a safe environment after the sun goes down. To prevent trips and falls during your next summer party, consider a path lighting installation for your landscaping. Lighting the pathways throughout your property will light the way for your guests, and will also visually draw attention to certain landscaping features in your yard.

Motion Activated Lighting

Motion-activated lighting is a terrific addition to your backyard lighting design. Your motion-activated lights will be connected to sensors, which are designed to turn certain lights on when movement is detected in your yard. Along with keeping your party properly lit during the evening hours, motion-activated lighting can also help you boost the security of your residence. A burglar or other type of criminal will be deterred by the motion-activated lights that you have installed in key areas around your home.