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Dos and Don’ts of EV Charging

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Take the convenience and sustainability of your electric vehicle to the next level with Weisman Electric’s top-notch EV charging station services. Based in Annapolis, MD, Weisman Electric is your trusted local expert in providing reliable and efficient charging solutions for electric vehicles. Our team of skilled electricians specializes in installing, maintaining, and repairing EV charging stations, ensuring that you have a hassle-free charging experience right at home or in business. Contact us today for a consultation to install an EV charging station and let us help you power up your electric vehicle with our premium EV charging station services.

EV Charging FAQ

Which Charging Station Should I Use?

When selecting a charging station for your EV, consider factors like charging speed, connector compatibility, and availability. Research different charging networks, consult online directories or apps, and consider the charging station’s proximity to your regular routes to make an informed decision that meets your charging needs. Weisman Electric’s technicians are equipped to recommend the best type and level of charging station for your needs, as well as the best placement for the EV charger in relation to your main panel.

How Can I Prevent Damage and Tripping Hazards at Charging Stations?

To prevent damage and tripping hazards, our experienced team recommends parking your EV at a charging station without obstructing access, ensuring the charging cables are organized and kept away from walkways, and avoiding putting strain on the cables. It’s important to use the appropriate charging equipment, handle it carefully, and follow any guidelines the charging station operator provides.

What if a Charging Station Is Damaged?

If you come across a damaged charging station, it’s best to report the issue to the station operator or the relevant authorities responsible for maintenance. Using a damaged charging station can be unsafe and may harm your EV or pose a risk to your personal safety. Finding an alternative charging station is important until the damaged one is repaired.

Can I Run Errands While Charging My EV?

While running errands while your EV is charging is generally possible, it’s essential to consider the charging duration and availability of charging spots at your destination. Ensure you have ample time to complete your errands and be mindful of any time limits or restrictions imposed by the charging station. Remember to promptly move your vehicle once charging is complete to allow others to access the charging spot.

How Can I Find Charging Stations on My Way?

To find charging stations along your route, you can use various resources such as mobile apps, online directories, and navigation systems that provide EV charging information. These tools can help you locate nearby charging stations, filter results based on connector types and network providers, and even display real-time availability and pricing.

If I’m Stuck, Can I Use a Building’s Electricity to Charge My EV?

Using a building’s electricity to charge your EV is generally not recommended unless you have explicit permission from the building owner or management. Plugging into an unauthorized electrical source can be illegal, unsafe, and may cause damage to the building’s electrical system or your EV. It’s best to rely on designated public charging stations or seek appropriate charging alternatives.

Can I Disconnect an EV if I Need the Station?

Once your EV has finished charging, it’s courteous to promptly disconnect it from the charging station to allow others to utilize the spot. If you need to use the station, ensure that you are not disconnecting someone else’s EV without their permission, as this can cause inconvenience and potential disputes. Communication and consideration are key to managing shared charging infrastructure effectively.

What if It’s an Emergency and No Stations Are Available?

In case of an emergency where no charging stations are available nearby, it’s important to have contingency plans. This may include carrying portable chargers, having a backup generator, or knowing alternative charging locations such as nearby hotels, public facilities, or designated emergency charging points. It’s advisable to plan and be aware of potential charging options along your regular routes.

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