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Keep Your Marina Running Safely Throughout the Boating Season

During the peak summer boating season, your marina may receive more traffic than usual. In order to keep boaters happy and prevent accidents, you should be sure to hire a team of electrical contractors to maintain your marina lighting and electrical systems. An electrician that specializes in commercial marinas near Annapolis can assist you with all of your summer maintenance needs. Read on for a look at some maintenance tips that will help you keep your marina running safely throughout the boating season.

Shore Power Wiring Inspections

When a boat docks at your marina, it will rely on your shore power system for electricity. A faulty shore power wiring installation can put your docks and the surrounding boats in danger. With services from a team of electrical contractors, you will be able to ensure that your shore power wiring is up to code and ready for use by all of your customers. After your initial installation, you should have your wiring inspected at least once a year.

GFCI Installations

The electrical wiring throughout your marina will be close to various types of water supplies throughout the seasons. A GFCI circuit will help to ensure that your electrical outlets are properly grounded and ready to protect against dangerous electrical surges and shocks. If your marina’s outlets are not currently connected to GFCI units, you may want to take the time to have these devices installed before the busy summer season really kicks into gear.

Marina Lighting Upgrades

Marina lighting allows boaters to safely navigate into the harbor from shore. When your customers are walking around your marina and its various docks, you will also want to provide them with adequate lighting so that they are able to make their way around safely. If it has been a while since you last installed your marina lighting, it may be time to upgrade or maintain your current lighting system. A brand new lighting design will make your marina even more appealing to prospective residents.