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Category: Breaker Box

The Steps of Resetting a Tripped Circuit Breaker

Your electricity in Annapolis comes with a few built-in safety features that protect your electrical system from excessive voltage. These residential electric service safety features can be especially helpful during the holidays when people use decorative outdoor lighting to celebrate. Watch this video clip for a quick

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A Look at Whole Home Surge Protection

If you were to take an inventory of all your most expensive appliances and electronics and consider the total replacement cost, the price of a whole-home surge protection system might not seem so prohibitive after all. Power strips and individual surge protectors do a great

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How Residential Electrical Systems Work

Have you ever turned on the lights and wondered how the electricity was supplied to them? Whether you are looking for an electrician near Annapolis or are just curious, it can be very helpful to understand how your electrical system works. The easier it is

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